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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 08:36

New Online Scratchcard Games at Karamba

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Played at Karamba recently? There are heaps of great new scratchcards for you to try!

Fabulous news from online scratchcard site Karamba! Since software provider NeoGames signed a deal with content company Cryptologic to provide even more fantastic games to play, I checked out Karamba to see what’s new in the world of online scratch cards.


First up is 7BOOM! This great little game is actually two games in one. On the left hand side, you need to scratch the panel which reveals two numbers and if the numbers add up to the lucky number 7, you win the amount shown. On the right hand side, you simply need to find the 7 to win! Couldn’t be easier.


Similarly, Sampo is two games in one. Select one of the four quadrants and Sampo will produce a double-panel scratchcard. Just scratch three of the same amounts on the top half to win, and then head to the bottom card to play your second game – line up three noughts or crosses to win the amount shown.


Next stop is Forever After, the simple three-reel slot that takes the headache out of watching reels spin. The curtains close and open and your fairytale symbols are revealed. Forever After has wild and scatter symbols and gives players the chance to win up to £100,000.


All you bingo lovers will be super glad to know that Karamba has Keno, which is quite similar to bingo except you get to pick your own numbers! Select up to fifteen numbers from 1-80 and twenty numbers will be drawn randomly. If you get a hit, you win and the more hits you get, the higher the payout rate.


There you have it! There are lots of great new scratchcard games for you to play so if you’re feeling lucky, head to Karamba to scratch yourself up to £200,000.