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Thursday, 17 November 2011 08:07

Nevada to Accept Online Poker Licence Applications

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The legal debate about online gambling in the US steps up a notch as Nevada takes its first steps towards licensing the best online poker sites.

Could it possibly be? Could online poker be a reality for Nevadans?

Mark Lipparelli, the Nevada Gaming Board chairman, seems confident that online poker will soon be legalised in his state, with online gaming soon to follow. So confident is he that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has begun to accept license applications from potential poker sites, with the view to going live in early 2012.

Nevadans currently have to visit a land-based casino or play at free poker sites to avoid legal issues. So why is Lipparelli so sure this is set to change? Primarily because the government is moving that way anyway. Powerful gaming lobbyists are beginning to gain traction arguing in favour of internet gaming for money. Several states have begun pushing for the legalisation of poker and online gambling, including New Jersey’s overwhelming support of sports betting.

In addition, Nevada desperately needs the tax revenue and allowing the best online poker sites to take out licences will generate some much-needed cash.

All signs point to the eventual legalisation of gambling and the question isn’t if, it’s when. At this point, only intrastate poker is being considered, with interstate and international poker the next natural step. With the biggest gaming state leading the way, we could see change very soon.