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Friday, 12 August 2011 21:48

My favourite Casino Games

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Inundated by requests to talk about some of my favourite Casino Games, I have compiled a list of some of my favourite Online Casino Games and the places where you can play them.

3 Card Poker

Three Card Poker: One of my favourite Casino Games for its' easy rules and good returns. There are two betting fields in this game - the Ante/Play bets and also the optional 'Pair Plus' bet which allows you to predict and bet on the outcome of your resulting hand. Although this is an additional cost, don't underestimate it as it can pay 40:1 returns on a Straight Flush. You are then dealt three cards and it is from these that you can choose whether to double up your Ante to play against the dealers' three cards, or whether you wish to Fold and forfeit your Ante (and Pair Plus if opted in). Standard Poker rules now apply on the scoring sheet and a straight flush is the highest you can score with three cards suited and in a run (e.g. A,2,3 Hearts).

Lord of the Rings Slot

Video Slots: Suitably better when you are playing at a No Deposit Casino as they can cost quite a lot and the returns normally aren't great - but Jackpots and Flashing Bonus rounds make these a fan-favourite. Some of the leading Video Slots at the second include the Tombraider Series, Marvel Slots (Spiderman, HitMan, Hulk, XMen e.t.c), Thunderstruck II, Lord of the Rings and the new 3D Slots available at most Top Game Casinos.


Bejewelled / Chain Reactors: Okay I know these shouldn't be my favourites and technically aren't Casino Games, rather Arcade Games, but they are good fun to play - although as above - do try them out at a No Deposit Casino first - your win percentage generally isn't very good. The aim on these games is to form groups of symbols (either Diamonds or Chain Reactor Symbols) and different symbols are worth different win totals, not to mention the more that are linked together - the more you get paid. Every adjoining matching symbol horizontally and vertically is considered part of a 'group' and should there be more than 4 touching, they will 'pop' and credit you with some cash then be replaced by new symbols ... okay my explanation isn't great but I'm sure you'll figure it out when you have a go

So there you have it - some of my favourite Online Casino Games - now go ... have fun ... and remember to tell us some of your favourites too.