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Tuesday, 04 June 2013 09:21

Mourinho back with the blues

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Jose Mourinho has been finally confirmed as the new Chelsea manager to replace Rafael Benitez, and brings to an end the world’s worst kept secret in football.

Sports betting operators stop taking bets on Mourinho a long time ago, and those still having the market open had the 50 year old at a ridiculous odds on price. This will be Mourinho’s second time in the hot seat with Chelsea and Abramovich, and hopefully it will not have a sad end as before.

Jose Mourinho’s first time in charge, saw the The Blues winning two consecutive English Premier League titles and the FA Cup. But more importantly, the manager brought Chelsea, the club, back to being a dominant force in English football and pride into the hearts of Chelsea fans all over the world. When Jose left the club in September 2007, the squad was complete and fighting fit. Testimony of this is the fact that in spite of a years with different managers in charge, the core of the team has not changed with Petr Cech, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, John Terry, John Mikel Obi and Michael Essien still active members of the squad.

In fact, all the players at Chelsea who had the pleasure and opportunity to work with him have all expressed their loyalty, appreciation and desire to work with ‘the chosen one’ yet again. Jose always possessed the knack of getting the best out of players and motivating them on a one to one, personal level. Very few managers have that gift, and even fewer been given the opportunities that the Portuguese continues to have.

Roman Abramovich and Mourinho have seemed to fallen back in love, and one would suspect with seven managers passing through the revolving doors of Chelsea since Jose left, would make Roman appreciate Jose just a bit more this time round. With a contract rumoured to be the most lucrative in the English Premier League ever, to last for theoretically a four year term, one can only wish the owner, manager and club the best in the coming seasons. Sports fans can take solace in the fact that even though we have no idea if it will work out this time, it will definitely be worth watching!