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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 13:20

More Casino Slots Superstitions

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I thought I could no longer be surprised by the superstitions surrounding online slots, but the weekend proved me wrong.

Our office mate DJ recently experienced the oddity that is a superstitious casino slots fan. From lucky sides to standing play, machine fixation and magic buttons, he was the unfortunate victim of a woman who decided that he was to blame for her losses – and was roundly told off for not observing rules that he had no idea existed.

I had heard of these strange superstitions, but being an online slots fan myself, I thought we were fairly safe from the madness (apart from the friend of mine who plays with a lucky mouse, which still blows my mind).

This weekend I took a break from the online world and went to play some offline casino slots and discovered there is indeed a host of superstitions I was not yet privy to. For example:
-    Some players close their eyes every time they hit the spin button (isn’t this just, you know, blinking??)
-    The seat has to be precisely a certain height from the ground (measuring tapes are used)
-    The button is only pressed with the thumb. If this fails to nett a big win, it travels up the arm – palm, then elbow, then nose, then forehead (I kid you not – luckily he was stopped before he began headbutting the machine!)
-    Talking to the machine in a soft, beguiling manner (creepiness plus)
-    Only wearing a certain colour whilst playing (fashion fail)
-    Stroking a lucky charm whilst playing (see above for creepiness factor)
-    Multiples of 8 – hit the button 8 times. Play 8 lines. Bet £8. I’ve never quite known how the Chinese reconcile the fact that 4 (the number symbolising death) is half of 8, but still...

There you go, kids. Stay home, play some free online slots, and avoid the crazies at the casino.