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Thursday, 18 August 2011 16:42

Miss Manners: Online Casino Etiquette

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Mind the Gap Mind the Gap

This morning I got on the tube, took a seat and watched as a heavily pregnant woman waddled (ok, that’s not a nice description, but they do) on after me and every single one of the seated commuters stared at her and went back to their books.


After a moment, I got up and gave her my seat (of course. Would I be telling this story if I hadn’t?).

I don’t want to use this blog as my personal outlet to rant against the world. But I was utterly stunned by the general indifference to basic rules of common courtesy and it got me wondering, do people know what’s right anymore?

Whilst there’s probably less opportunity to get yourself into serious 'manners misfortune' in an online casino than a real-world casino, you need to consider live dealer and multiplayer games where there are still rules of etiquette to observe. Here are some of the basics:
-    The best online casino players remain levelheaded at all times; blaming a computer or customer support for winning woes is just silly
-    Everyone loves an online casino bonus, but bonus hunting – joining a casino just for their bonus and quitting straight after – is likely to earn you a blacklisting
-    Be polite; an online casino is there for entertainment. People are not there to be sworn at. Mind tasteless jokes; you can’t always know where a person has come from or what they do.
-    Use the language of the majority; often this is English but there’s no point in saying something if other people can’t understand it
-    Don’t advertise in a chat room; telling your roomies you’ve found the best online casino somewhere else – that’s just rude and bad business for the site you’re on
-    Collusion is strictly forbidden; this is a fancy way of saying cheating. For games like poker it’s easier to do this online than offline. It’s a definite no-no and will see you banned from the site and you’ll lose your money

Most of that is common sense. But then, I thought giving up your seat to a pregnant woman was common sense, too.

Here endeth the rant.