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Wednesday, 14 September 2011 14:43

Man Vs Machine: The Best Online Poker Player

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There are 52 cards in a deck and 52 weeks in a year. Is this just a coincidence or can we read something more into it?

Coincidence is a strange beast, it invites us to look more deeply into life and ask: is there something more to such a concurrence than simply chance? If so, how can coincidence affect the cards in a game of online poker?


In the online poker world, we are at a stage now where artificial intelligence is so advanced, machines are able to calculate all the odds in a game of poker in a nanosecond and provide serious competition to the player. Although the element of luck still remains in the hand that you are dealt and the cards on the table, there is a sense that this element of randomness is being reduced. For the best online poker robots, coincidence does not enter the equation. If a robot is dealt the same hand twice in a row, it will not have an emotive response, however this would automatically arouse suspicion in the mind of a human. For the robot, they may as well be playing a round of free poker.


This suspicion is integral to our ability to outwit any AI, we have something no poker robot could ever understand: instinct. Even though the computer may be able to play the best online poker, because its algorithms can accurately calculate exactly how much to bet depending on its hand and  it might be able to work out if a player is bluffing by comparing previous betting strategy, it can't ever rely on instinct. With the advent of online gambling, we are no longer playing in the physical world, despite the fact we are dealing with real money, we now inhabit virtual realms where we are the outsiders.