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Friday, 15 November 2013 22:49

Magnussen joins McLaren

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Kevin Magnussen will be part of the McLaren Formula One family next season, replacing Sergio Perez who only served one year with the team.

Jenson Button has already admitted that whilst he is looking forward to working with his new team-mate, Kevin has taken a ‘massive risk’ in deciding to make his F1 debut with McLaren. The team supporters will be betting that Magnussen will be able to make a positive impact on results, as Jenson along with others in the sport will know the young man is at a point in his career where joining a team fighting for results can go either very well or disastrously wrong.

So far however, it seems that Kevin Magnussen has made a flying start with his new team, as he was very quick and technically sound in his first two tests for McLaren in Abu Dhabi at the end of 2012 and summer 2012 at Silverstone. Jenson has also confirmed that the Dane’s ‘outright speed is very good’ and ‘his feedback has been very good’ which will weigh heavily in his favour at the start of the new season.

The two McLaren drivers have lots in common, one of the major ones being that Jenson Button made his Formula One debut at the age of 20, whilst Kevin is 21 years old. Both have natural ability, however, Kevin has more experience that Jenson at the start of the F1 stage if their careers.

McLaren still are in the midst of one their poorest season so far, with no wins this season and the gap left by Lewis Hamilton seems to be still vacant. Jenson and Perez have both struggled to be competitive - by McLaren’s standards, whilst the likes of Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes have all improved. Red Bull have yet again dominated, with Sebastian Vettel running away with the Drivers’ Championship, but we have all seen glimpses of what is to hopefully come next season with Ferrari and Mercedes expecting to be more competitive and challenge for the honours.