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Monday, 17 October 2011 08:00

Licensed Games & The Online Casino

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I’ve just been reviewing a casino and was surprised by how many of its slot machines were movie-tie ins or video game tie -ins.

However, it was highly interesting to note that at another online casino I reviewed after, it had a great deal of slot machines that sounded like familiar films or characters but weren’t actually the same. Take James Band for instance or even better Indiana Croft and Lara Jones, sounds to me like a marriage made in heaven, either that or they’re trying to build on a famous reputation to attract our attention.

Clearly when we play casino games, we are more likely to notice movie-tie in slots, famous characters and brands than say a slot machine named Jimmy’s Jungle or Gold Dollar. I mean if you saw Lord of The Rings slot and Lucky Horseshoe 7 I think it’s pretty obvious which one you are going to choose. So what is it about famous names that makes those games all the more appealing?

When we play casino games, we look for reputable sites and more often than not that coincides with how familiar we are with the games and if we like the look of the site. One person might favour a more glamorous black and gold colour scheme with a beautiful woman, another might prefer a bright multi colored cartoon look for their online casino of choice, each to to their own. However, both these casinos if they have can afford it will have licenced games, because licensed games attract punters.

Whether you’re a hi-roller, or consider yourself a casino connoisseur or perhaps you just enjoy playing at a free casino for fun, let us know what attracts you to a casino.