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Friday, 04 May 2012 08:00

Knowing Where To Play Poker Online Is Half The Battle

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When it comes to choosing a site to play poker on, there are a number of factors which must be considered.

No matter how proficient a poker player you are, when you play poker online there are certain elements that will always be out of your hands. Just take a look at Black Friday, the most notorious date in the history of online poker, when the three largest poker sites were shut down and thousands of players accounts were frozen, blocking players from withdrawing any of their wins. Many players to this very day are still unable to touch any of the money in their accounts and there is no certainty that they ever will be able to reclaim the money that was rightfully theirs. 


We can but hope that everyone is reimbursed the amounts in their accounts however to prevent this every happening in the future, it is vital that you check the security and legitimacy of a site. We ensure that all the sites we promote are subject to rigorous checks and are monitored continuously. 


I can think of nothing worse than not being able to touch my bankroll, after I’d spent such a great deal of effort amassing it. Not only does my bankroll support me financially but it is testament to my ability as a poker player and all the conquests I have made during my poker career. So all I can say is check our site before you play at a poker room and if you’re in the States, hold on in there, you’re turn will come soon.