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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 08:35

Kimi wins the Australian Grand Prix

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The first race of the Formula One season at Melbourne Australia was won by Kimi Raikkonen from the Lotus Team, and I am unashamed in admitting I did not even have any free bets on the the driver!

The race was filled with tension and excitement, which all racing pundits predicted, as there was a great deal of competition all throughout the race for the points. It was definitely a continuation of last season’s trend of tyres. pits stops and strategy being at the forefront as opposed to just the speed and power of the car.

Kimi Raikkonen only had two pit stops, and was definitely the best in managing the wear and tear of car’s tyres. Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes team was another team that had a two pit stop plan, but that proved impossible to meet and had to come for a third to get a new set of tyres to help maintain his position in the race. In the end Lewis finished fifth place and was a good result for the first race of the season.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso finished in second place, with Sebastian Vettel following in third place. Mark Webber had yet again, a disappointing finish in front of home crowd and finished in sixth place, with Jenson Button coming in ninth for McLaren.

The surprising result and performances from some of the teams like Mercedes, Lotus and Force India does prove that we are in for an fascinating year of Formula One racing!