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Thursday, 24 November 2011 08:23

Keeping Online Bingo Games PG

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Controversy city: bingo sites like 888ladies and Bingo Please are occasionally bashed around for being too feminine and anti-male, but I think it’s sometimes a blessing.

Why? Sometimes you WANT to hang out with the girls, let the autodauber do its thing, discuss whether a wet cotton bud will remove the pesky smudges of mascara from under your eyes without messing up your foundation, bitch about a much-beloved husband, paint your toenails and – oh yeah – win online bingo games. Call me sexist, but it’s the truth.

It’s just like how men like nights out with the lads – why shouldn’t we have a place, a thing of our own? Why must a woman’s domain be something like knitting (for other people), cooking (for other people) or cleaning (come on!!!)? In my opinion every woman has the right to seize her bingo bonus by the balls and wield her dauber in the spirit of fun.

The other day I was sitting in a distinctly male-friendly bingo room, playing some online bingo games and enjoying the chat when two people who clearly needed a room of a different sort wandered in and started chatting with each other. I’m very happy for couples in love, though I’m not entirely sure why they feel the need to display their affection for each other in such a public manner, but reading their chat was embarrassing. Once they moved on from sending each other kisses and started in on describing how much fun they had last night, I decided it was time to leave.

At that point, I missed the safety of 888ladies, which not only is very female-heavy but also has a chat moderator. There’s something nice about entering a room and knowing you won’t be confronted by men chatting about a woman’s body parts (couples, you really need to take that sort of chatter to Skype, where it’s less public). Women are hardly likely to start X-rated chatter on their own in a room full of other women. And besides all that, there’s something nice about knowing that you’ve got a chat host looking out for you, making sure that the talk doesn’t get out of hand.

Men, leave us to our bingo games. If you can’t do that, then FGS at least keep it clean.