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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 09:00

Jumping the Gun on the Best Online Bingo Promotions

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If you haven’t started thinking about Christmas, you’re a couple of months behind the 8-ball.

November. A month of plummeting temperatures, shortened days and shopping centre Christmas decorations.

While many of us shudder at the sheer incessant festivity of early Christmas, I embrace the November display of tinsel and trees. Why? Because I love Christmas, and it allows me to have another month to celebrate a season I adore.

Also, November signals the start of some of the best online bingo promotions of the year. If you like your free bingo, November ought to be your favourite month – the hangover from Halloween, Guy Fawkes and preparation for Christmas all in one. What could be a better way to spend 30 days that surrounded by carols and free bingo cards?

But I was scanning some of the best online bingo sites the other day and it seems that it is indeed possible to take planning ahead too far. Some sites like 888ladies have started with New Year promotions already! It’s as if they’ve gotten so far ahead of themselves that they’ve headed straight for 2012, not passing Christmas and not collecting £200. What next – Easter promotions in January?

All I can say is don’t rush me, guys. Christmas is meant to be enjoyed and I plan to do just that.