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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 08:00

It’s Time To Go for Gold With The Olympic Scratchcard

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On July 27 this year, the London 2012 Olympic games will begin, but seven years ago to the day, a game was launched to raise money for this momentous occasion - it was a scratchcard.

The Go for Gold scratchcards were expected to raise £750m by this year as part of the £1.5bn of lottery money intended for the Olympics. No figure has been released yet, as to how much money the humble scratchcard has made, but over the course of those seven years, it seems likely that they have hit that target and even possibly exceeded it.

The Go for Gold scratchcard games cost £1 and every 28p in that £1 has gone toward the Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund. All in all the games are expected to cost £2.375bn and it is quite amazing to think that a large part of that enormous amount has been provided by the sale of scratchcards. Rather than tax us more for the privilege of hosting the games, this clearly was one of the most democratic and fair ways of raising money for what will ultimately be the biggest betting event of the decade.

Players have a 1 in 4.93 chance of winning and there are 11 levels of cash prize with 9 people able of winning the the top prize of the appropriately fixed sum of £2,012! It is mad to thin l that over the past seven years, people have being buying Go for Gold scratchcard games and indirectly funding the Olympics, whilst also winning money. It seems like a win win scenario for everybody involved.

Unfortunately Go for Gold is not available as a scratchcard online, but now the Olympics are almost upon us, it might be time to think about a possible online conversion and allow the rest of the world to “Go for Gold”!