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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 08:42

It’s Time for Political Bingo

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Ever heard politicians use the same phrases – ‘working families’, ‘spirit of bipartisanship’ and ‘forces of freedom’ – over and over and thought, geez, I’ve heard it all before?

It’s that time of year again and State of the Union bingo has returned to the US, much to the delight of Americans who’d love to pick up a bingo bonus but are just as interested in gently mocking their political candidates. Now you can brighten up those dreary speeches about democracy and leadership with a super fun bingo card! And with the Republican cat fight well underway, we’ve got ourselves a great game.

Why listen to speeches about idealism and whose ex-wife is accusing who of asking for an open marriage when you can laugh at the number of times they use the term ‘American values’? Why, you can be lectured about facing the problems of the working class or you can get your own little bingo bonus right here – a bucket of ironic laughter at the volume the phrase ‘fair share’ is dished out by a man who pays less tax than most. Comedy gold.

I don’t suppose the US public would pull together and organise an actual game, the broadcast of which would be infinitely more interesting than watching Rick Perry forget which agency he wants to scrap. But maybe if we ask really nicely, Dream Bingo will host something similar soon. I mean, much as I love the current format how much more exciting would the ‘Dream Bingo: Election Special’ be, with Stars & Stripes cards and the balls replaced by a running loop of Obama & whichever Republican scraps it out to be the nominee?