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Thursday, 03 November 2011 08:00

Is Winning At An Online Casino More Important Than How Much You Win

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A common perception in the modern world, is that money brings happiness. However, I’m not entirely convinced...

Money doesn’t necessitate satisfaction, it may bring a lot of comfort and ease but it also can cause a lot of stress, after all, in order to earn a lot of money you have to spend a lot of your time working, that is, unless you win it...

If you’ve won any money playing online casino games, you’ll know what I mean. The sensation of winning money is surely one of the most exciting and satisfying feelings in the world, in fact the sensation of sheer incredulity mixed with uncontainable excitement that comes with winning perhaps makes us more happy than the money we’ve won at the casino!

I’m of the opinion that it is experiences that bring us the most happiness; homes, fast cars, televisions are all highly desirable things, but in reality it is our interaction with those objects from which we derive the most pleasure. I mean would you agree that when you play online casino games you care more about winning than about how much you win? I mean, winning twenty quid
is enough to put a smile on my face, add a zero to that and the smile will be bigger but I mean how much happier can you get? Once the initial surprise has gone you’re still the same person and if you’re not happy within yourself, no amount of money you win from the casino will change that.

Perhaps gambling is as much about the excitement of winning, as it is about how much you win. I imagine the best online casino, to be a place where you always win enough to make you happy, so you can spend it enjoying experiences.

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