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Thursday, 23 May 2013 14:02

Is Sergio Garcia apology enough?

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Sergio Garcia’s comments on his serving fried chicken to Tiger Woods for dinner, at the European Tour’s annual awards ceremony, was not only completely inappropriate but more importantly proves that the Spaniard does indeed harbour racist ill feeling towards Tiger Woods.

Further to that I am betting that it would be logical to assume that this racist sentiment would be for all black people and not just stop at Tiger Woods.

The reason why I can come to this conclusion about Garcia, is the ease at which the comments were blurted out. It would give anyone the impression that these types of comments were something the golfer would regularly joke about in private, but would not say in public. However, on the night in question, with the incident between Tiger and him at the Players tournament still fresh in his head, and maybe a little too much champagne, I suspect Sergio let slip with one of his regular jibes about Tiger.

Sergio did immediately offer an apology and it did seem that he was very sincere during the press conference. However, it was a no-brainer for anyone to advise him that a public apology was the least that he could have done, and then hope that Tiger and the PGA etc accepted the groveling - which they have. Unfortunately, it is the media and more recently Sergio Garcia’s sponsors that are taking issue with the poor comments.

TaylorMade-adidas has already been reported to be considering their position as sponsors of Garcia, and if they were to react adversely to the golfer’s inexcusable remarks, there is no doubt that others will follow suit. Tiger has reacted to the comments with dignified silence, bar his brief twitter comments which described the Sergio’s remarks being ‘hurtful and clearly inappropriate’. In the meantime, it does look pretty certain that the incident will continue to dominate the golfing world and the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth due to start this week.

Sergio Garcia is currently priced up at Paddypower as the 12/1 second favourite, and it will take a strong punter to stick his money on Sergio winning the tournament outright, there is no doubt the press and media frenzy must affect his game. The question will be whether it will help him focus more on golf and his game or, be a distraction that makes 12/1 seem to be a very price.