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Friday, 06 April 2012 08:00

Indulge in the Best Free Online Bingo Sites as an Easter Treat

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Happy Easter, folks! For those of you who are bored at home this Good Friday, why not take advantage of the time off for a little bingo?

Whilst some will spend hours eating chocolate and preparing a roast lamb for the family, my Easters are infinitely simpler: I’m planning to kick back and relax with free online bingo. Recently I ferreted out a brand new bingo site in preparation for this period and delayed joining for the simple reason that I wanted to take advantage of the free cash throughout the Easter break and I fully intend to while away the hours by playing round after round of 75-ball.

Who knows, I may even go wild and try the Bejeweled Bingo craze that seems to have made everyone so rich!

For those of you who would like to join me in some Easter bingo fun, may I recommend the following sites for you to try:
-    Dream Bingo has a £15 welcome bonus which is really quite extraordinary. Most other bingo sites only give you £5, so Dream is already well ahead. It also gives you a 300% deposit bonus and if you visit our Facebook page or are following us on twitter (@biggainsnopains) you will probably have seen we have a super special offer for you (involving free spins!)
-    We also love Butlers Bingo, which has a £10 welcome bonus and a 300% first deposit bonus, not to mention a swish Butler to greet you and some swanky monthly promotions
-    Tasty Bingo seems fitting for the occasion – why not eat chocolate and play on a food-themed site? Sadly, no free cash here but if you make a deposit you’ll get a 200% boost plus an extra £10. The nice thing about the site is the way it looks – somehow the hokey cartoon graphics really work and there are lots of great games, all called something delectable and suggestive – Choc Sundae anyone?

I’m off to play! Good luck and happy daubing!