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Tuesday, 29 November 2011 08:39

How to Play Bingo Games

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Everyone knows about bingo, either from their grandma or enthusiastic friends who have recently rediscovered the thrill of this fabulous game. But whilst you may be able to find the best online bingo sites, are you able to play the game when you get there? Read on for a how-to guide!

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain, the same part that remembers things like my sister’s birthday and my parents’ wedding anniversary, I remember playing bingo games as a primary school kid when the teacher had to amuse us and couldn’t be bothered trying to teach 30 six-year olds to sing.

But for those of you who missed this precious experience, here’s a refresher on how to play bingo.

The most common forms of bingo are 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. In 90-ball bingo, players buy tickets containing a 3x9 grid of squares. Each row contains five numbers and four blanks. The tickets are bought in batches, almost always a strip of 6 tickets each, so that the strip contains all numbers from 1-90 distributed unduplicated throughout.

The caller draws random numbers and you mark them off on the ticket until you form a winning pattern. In 90-ball bingo, this is generally one line, two lines, or a full card. You may have to click to register a bingo, or the site could do it automatically.

75-ball bingo is played in much the same way, except the card is 5x5 squares with any numbers between 1-75 and the winning patterns vary much more frequently.

The best online bingo sites have great chat rooms that you can sit in whilst playing so you can meet people and daub cards at the same time. If you’re not that multitasking inclined, you can set your cards to autodaub so the computer will mark it for you and you can concentrate on the serious business of making buddies.

Even if you can’t be bothered reading the how-to guide, all you really need to know is that bingo is fairly self-explanatory and easy to work out. Reclaim your childhood and start playing today!