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Monday, 22 August 2011 16:35

Homeless, hunted, despised

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Welcome to Canada Welcome to Canada

Spare a little sympathy for poker players who have been hit hard by “Black Friday”, a day on which three of the biggest online poker sites were shut down.

Poker professionals have suddenly found themselves without a livelihood and have been shuttled from site to site trying to find someone to accept them. Some online players who’ve migrated to real-world poker rooms are finding that it’s significantly more difficult to make a living there; poker rooms are not as fast or convenient and the fees are higher.


As always, demand has been met with a supply and in this case has resulted in the birth of relocation service Poker Refugees, who assist poker players with relocating to Costa Rica, Panama and Canada where they can practice their specialty and earn an income.


An affordable service for the majority of poker players who aren’t yet earning millions, Poker Refugees offers to take the hard work out of moving, taking care of visas, real estate, bank accounts and perhaps most importantly for these online poker folk - internet connections.


So for those of you easily playing free poker online in the country of your choice, think of the players who’ve had to sacrifice a whole lot more for their passion and livelihood. Hopefully the US situation is resolved soon and these poker refugees can return home.