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Friday, 11 November 2011 08:00

Hit King Jackpot Bingo And Grab A 300 Percent Bonus While It Lasts

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Woah! Woah! did someone just say 300% match deposit bonus?

You heard it right 300%! With a maximum bonus of £300 at King Jackpot bingo, these guys mean business; unless they’re trying to bankrupt themselves, there’s got to be a catch. I mean otherwise I’d just head down there now, deposit £100 and immediately withdraw £300. Call me cheeky but you’re saying you wouldn’t do the same? OK, so what’s the deal, how can they justify this huge bonus? I mean, it’s not the only site that offers this deal, Bingo on the Box does it too, but still how are they getting away with it?

OK, so the deal is when you’re playing bingo online here, you’ve got to wager 3 times the sum of the deposits you make since the last time you earned Bingo Bucks. I’ve got to say, most wagering requirements I’ve come across require you to play through your deposit 20 times. This in my opinion is frankly amazing. I’ve deposited here twice now with the maximum sum of a £100 to get the £300 bonus and I’ve had no issues withdrawing money. The guys at King Jackpot bingo must either have some crazy accountants or money to burn.

In reality, competition in the online bingo market is huge, I mean, we’re talking over 200 sites and if you’re not offering something really impressive, then you better just roll over and call it quits. You’ve got to stand out and offer something no one else can, whether that’s no deposit bingo, huge cash tournaments or enormous bonuses like these guys, if you don’t, someone else with more liquidity will and it’s game over.

So take advantage of this extraordinary offer quick before they get hold of their accountants and ring their necks. Literally, if you play bingo online don't waste any more time!