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Tuesday, 21 February 2012 08:29

Gunners Shooting Blanks for the Season Again

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Arsenal lost 2-0 to Sunderland in the FA Cup fifth round.

Sunderland were deserved winners, as their work rate all over the park was way beyond a broken Arsenal. There are no free bets for knowing that Arsenal clearly lack the maturity and quality required to be successful. The Gunners are now sitting 4th in the Premier League and more or less out of the Champions League, which will mean it is the seventh year the club has won nothing.


The team definitely needs new blood in every department, and established names that have seen it all and more importantly have the experience of winning. Henry’s limited time at the club not only was good for goals, but also good for morale and someone to look to when times get tough. All successful teams have these sort of players and I will happily pass on a few free bets if anyone can point out one playing for Arsenal. 


The question that I would like to ask, is whether Arsene Wenger knows when it is time to quit or at least try something new. I always get the impression that he is in no hurry to please the fans and win anything, as Wenger is in the fortunate situation of everyone at the club believing that he has the manager’s job for life. One has to admit that he will be hard act to follow, as he really has become part of the fabric of the club. Online betting reflects this, with prices for who will become the next Arsenal manager very open.


What is very interesting is the Paddy Power favourite for who will be the ‘Next Permanent Real Madrid Manager’. Yes, you have guessed it, Arsene Wenger is 4/1 favourite, and there isn’t a lot of online betting for anyone else.