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Monday, 14 May 2012 08:00

From Free Online Poker To Becoming A Poker Professional

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"The most difficult aspects of playing poker professionally are coping emotionally with the losses and coping with the recurring idea that you're not doing anything worthwhile." - Mike Caro

Have you ever thought about embarking on a poker career? Ten years ago, if you wanted to be a professional poker player you’d have to head to the City of Sin that is Las Vegas to really be taken seriously as a professional. Nowadays however anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can turn a simple card game into a means of living. Even the advent of free online poker shows just how popular playing poker online has become. 


So if you’re thinking that you’ve got what it takes in order to make a living out of poker, then take into account Mike Caro’s words before you pack in your day job. Caro has  been a professional poker player all his life, and was one of the few advocates of online poker, back in the early Nineties when everyone dismissed its huge potential. He also was the first person to programme an AI controlled poker playing program that you could play against named, Orac. If there’s anyone who could give you advice on the subject of going pro, it’s Caro. 


Let’s face it, no one enjoys going to work, but for all our gripes, it pays the bills, gives us a sense of security and brings structure to our lives. If you want to play poker professionally, you’ll have to learn to ride the losses and the emotional unpredictability of it, it can be difficult,  but as someone once said to me “If you’re not living life on the edge, then you’re taking up too much space.”