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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 13:51

Free Spins vs Bonus Money

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Free Spins Free Spins

With online casinos ramping up their advertising efforts this summer in order to secure an influx of new players, I wanted to take a look at the two main bonus structures and find out what lures people in the most:

the traditional No Deposit Casino offer (£XX Free) or the recently resurgent, Free Slots spins?

Since Online Casinos started out over a decade ago, the typical bonus offers of Matched Deposits and Free Money to try have echoed in the advertising scene. Some casinos have, of course, increased these from the limp 50%-100% offers up to the overwhelming 1000% bonus offers - although many have stuck within the more appropriate area between which attracts attention and keeps players interested. Then many turned to the Free Money offers, where players would be given the chance to try the games out with free cash - thereby increasing the appeal of a matched bonus with a No Deposit Casino offer. However, with the markets ever-changing pace and the neccessity to differentiate themselves from their market rivals, some of the oldest Online Casinos are now changing to more tangible offers such as Free Slots spins at their most popular Online Casino Slots.

Having seen all three forms of advertising, and the Casinos that try to cram all three into one place (sometimes successful, sometimes disastrous) - I must say that the most appealing to me is the Free Slots offer - mostly because I feel that it is something tangible and real. Even though I may only be getting 20 Free Spins at 20p each (just £4 in bonuses!), I feel like I am actually playing with the free money, rather than just sticking it on a roulette table to burn through it before I play for real. It would be interesting to find out other peoples' takes on this, as having worked at several Online Casinos myself, I can say that this does appear to be the most successful converter too.

Well enough about that - enjoy your day and make sure to come back soon to read up on our latest Blog posts.