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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 12:31

Free Slots - Enjoyable or not?

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Free Slots Free Slots

A random topic for the day, I admit, but having had this brought to my attention the other day by a local casino player, I thought I'd 'ask the audience' as it were.

We were talking about Free Slots and Free Slot Games in general and he said that at an Online Slots site, you could never have the same fun playing on something for free as you could paying for it, because the wins were so meagre. Well the more I thought about this and listened to his ramblings, the more this made sense - if you've gone to the effort of choosing an Online Casino to play Online Slots, why would you take all the free spins options and play for free? The reality is that if you hit the Bonus Games, you are only going to kick yourself for not betting money on it and even when you lose, you don't exactly lose much betting 1p a line.

Free Slot Games are great - don't get me wrong, I like to use them to test out what the bonus rounds are like and what the games themselves are themed on, but those people who sit there for hours to play for free ... well I just don't see the entertainment.

So I wanted to bring the question here and find out from the site readers and conversationalists among you - Free Slots - enjoyable or not?