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Friday, 12 August 2011 21:11

Free Casino Flu is Spreading

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Casino Flu Casino Flu

No need to panic - computers viruses haven't undergone some bizarre metamorphosis and begun to attack us, I'm referring more to the contageous element that Free Casino Games are beginning to have on us.

Everyday a new Casino comes out with an offer for Free Spins or a chance to try the games for free, but until recently I never understood just how responsive people are to these flashing banners. Swayed by the allure of what can only be described as 'money for nothing' - thousands of players are bombarding these sites to get their hands on the Free Casino money and spins. (Just check out some of the ones below!)

Free Casino Free Casino 3 Free Casino 2

Now, as I've probably said before, although I'm sometimes partial to a free spin or two myself, I don't enjoy spending hours on end bleeding away my day watching reels churn over in front of me in the hope of getting my hands on a sum so small that I'd be lucky to get a Happy Meal with it. However - it seems to be that Free Casino Games and the prospect of this little sum of cash for nothing that is sending people into a frenzy, much like the flu.

Well, I suppose, who am I to stand in the way of this bizarre yet cult-like practice ... so Free Casino followers - here is a list of some Casino options where you can get your hands on some No Deposit cash.

Prestige Casino - $1500 worth of Free Spins

Platinum Play Casino - 1500 Free Bets

Lucky Nugget - 30 Free Spins and up to $200 Free

We hope you enjoy the Casino choices above