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Friday, 06 April 2012 08:00

Free Betting Tip On the Champions League

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Chelsea's win against Benfica confirms the last four teams in the Champions League.

Barcelona face Chelsea and Bayern Munich will meet Real Madrid. All four teams are deserved of the title, but we can all guess that a free betting tip would be for Barcelona and Real Madrid to be in the final. Barcelona is, as usual, looking unbeatable as Messi and the team around him grows stronger. In addition, they have that belief and experience to ensure they dismiss Chelsea. Real Madrid are the same, and Cristian Ronaldo is enjoying his football and, like Messi, is breaking all records with every game he plays.

Guardiola has already been quoted that Barcelona's run to be amazing after their win over AC Milan 3-1. His team has reached the semi-finals five times in a row and definitely shows the strength and talent of the squad. Jose Mourinho also stated he sees a Real Madrid v Barcelona final, as any team going to the Nou Camp has almost an impossible task of getting anything from a team that is nearly unbeatable.

I believe the final will be the two best teams this season, and to be honest, we all know that the only team with a real chance of beating Barcelona is Real Madrid. Not only have Real beaten them in the past, but they will have that mental strength, knowing that they have already beaten them in the Spanish League.

I will be placing a cheeky bet on Barcelona and Real Madrid meeting in the final, and for Real Madrid to nick the Champions League, wish me luck!