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Friday, 25 July 2014 17:09

Frank Lampard off to New York City

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Chelsea fans would have never dreamed this day would arrive, but former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has left Chelsea and joined New York City FC to play in the Major League Soccer (MLS).

Frank lampard was forced to end his love affair and playing career after thirteen years at the London club, as Chelsea decided to release the player and not renew his contract at the end of last season. Lampard came from West Ham for a fee of £11 million in 2001, and scored a record 211 goals in 649 appearance for The Blues.

The English Premier League and Chelsea fans alike will be sad to lose such a player. Frank Lampard was a loyal player to him club, with the utmost respect for the game and played every match with integrity and real determination. His dedication, sportsmanship, character and conduct - on and off the pitch, must be said, is unfortunately, now only seen in a dying breed of players.

Frank now sees his future in New York, with the newly formed New York City FC, a team that will play their first season in the MLS in 2015. The New York team is owned by Manchester City, and are setting their sights high with David Villa already there to greet Frank! Lampard has already stated that he is ready to meet the challenge, and I would have to admit that he does not look like a player on his way down. Frank, I believe, still has a few more quality years in football, and his 15 years of experience will be an asset to any club.

This opinion has already been supported by Sporting Director of New York City FC, Claudio Reyna, as he has admitted that ‘Frank Lampard is one of the greatest players in the Premier League history and in European and world football - he is a leader’.

I am sure, everyone will join me in wishing Frank Lampard all the best and every success in the future!