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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 10:22

Food for Thought: An Obsession With Free Scratch Cards

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Mexican scratchie Mexican scratchie

I’ve been told I have a problem.

This is my fifth burrito in as many days; apparently I am to Mexican food what Yvonne Simmonds is to scratch cards: an avid, relentless consumer who will stop at nothing to get more.

I realised a long while ago that I have a slightly obsessive personality; once, while playing free scratch cards, I actually ran out of the 250 free games they gave me without once touching autoplay (this is not easy to do and RSI was a real potential. Slot 777 and Lucky Charms are my favourite; I’m pretty sure that’s where the majority of the games went).

The realisation that I had clicked the mouse so many times was as surprising and unwelcome as the sense of loss when I realised there was no more fun to be had...

Am I like this about all my games or just online scratch cards?

As is evidenced by my current burrito fixation, it’s safe to assume that free scratch cards are not the problem but a symptom. I went through a slot machine phase (as well as developing a strange lunchtime craving for pad thai), exploring the world of Legend of Terra and Conga Beat, before turning to online scratch cards to tickle my fickle fancies.

What will be my next love, I wonder? Perhaps a little bingo/burger action?