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Monday, 31 October 2011 08:39

Facebook Slots

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Like a glass of sand to a man dying of thirst, so too are free slots to a slot fiend.

I’ve been playing some online slots, and they’re unlike anything I’ve ever played before. Why? They’re on Facebook. Facebook! They’re fun, animated and have little bonus games. This is all great, but since they’re on Facebook they’re obviously free slots, which to my mind miss a certain – I don’t know – point.

You get allocated a certain number of fake dollars, and if you run out of money you get allocated some more fake money every four hours. But if you really can’t wait four hours, you can also top up your fake account with real money. The kicker? Whatever you win isn’t real! Unlike other free slot machine games, where you don’t have to use your own cash but the money you win gets paid into your account, Facebook slots are totally backwards – you can pay real cash to buy spins on a game that will only give you fake money.

I like playing all kinds of slots, I really do – even the demo models where you can just spin the free games – but I’m not sure I see the point in buying credits for a game you’re not allowed to win anything on. I think I’d much rather register at an online casino or a skill games site, use the free money they give me on a slot machine and take home the cash!

Is it just me?