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Friday, 14 June 2013 07:08

Dotty Bingo Ad Falls Afoul of Advertising Standards

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Brand-new bingo site Dotty Bingo has run into problems with the UK's broadcast advertising body, Clearcast.

As unlikely as it seems, the companies running into trouble with the advertising bodies – and public – aren't the casino companies, often guilty of buying too much airtime and being scheduled back-to-back. It isn't even the poker companies, formerly closely associated with the adult industry and provoking the wrath of family-friendly groups and poker players alike. No, it's the online bingo companies causing the latest batch of dramas with its risqué advertising approach.

We've spoken before about the craziness of the Sun Bingo ad and how incredibly offputting the lady with the huge matted hairballs stuck to her head is, but the latest company to run afoul of the advertising standards board is Dotty Bingo. The advertising campaign, which has been described as 'excruciating', features a Hyacinth Bouquet-style woman named Dorothy and her husband Brian, played by The Office star Ewen Macintosh.

In the 'bunny' sketch, Dorothy seeks advice from her friends on how to spice things up in the bedroom, and then confides that she's trying a rabbit. Predictably, Brian then appears in the bedroom wearing a pink bunny outfit. It has been deemed too risqué to appear before the watershed 9pm block.

Dotty Bingo's manager, Craig Perrott, has been quoted as saying 'There's just no predicting how Clearcast will react these days. They allowed us to air an ad which includes the phrase 'deep throat' in daytime, but showing the less than Greek god-like Ewen in a rabbit suit before 9pm is a no-no.'