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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 08:40

Don’t Lose Your Head in the Online Bingo Rooms

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It is truly amazing what fires people up in an online bingo room.

There must be something in the water, folks.

The other day I was in the chat room of a no deposit bingo site chatting to some people across the other side of the country when two women started getting into each other about tone. From what I could gather that wasn’t auto-censored, one lady had taken exception to the other asking about how many games she had won that day, thinking it was a strange statement of challenge. The resulting argument became so heated that the chat host had to throw them both out.

It’s not an isolated incident, either. Quite recently two players started a calm discussion about bingo bonus offers which rapidly descendent into a name-calling catfight about whether one player was smarter than the other for taking advantage of the deposit match.

Other fights I’ve witnessed in the online bingo circuit recently include players ‘blocking’ each other, accusations of cheating (which isn’t actually possible), catty terms like old hag and blind bat being bandied about, and a rather ridiculous argument that arose from who chose what dauber symbol.

It eludes me. Even when you’re playing no deposit bingo, and therefore none of your own funds are at stake, players can become really involved and forget that we’re just playing a game. It’s just a game, people! It’s fun, it’s social, it can be lucrative – but at the end of the day, it’s a game. Try not to lose your head over what colour you use to mark your cards.