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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 08:25

Design Halloween Slot Games

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With the onslaught of Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would use this opportunity to discuss the new slot games that will be appearing on our screens in the coming weeks.

Every Halloween, we always see grizzly shop displays, featuring the ubiquitous candle lit pumpkins and blood splattered garments. I’m not talking just fancy dress shops, even huge supermarkets are cashing in on the start of the horror season. On the high street it’s easy for a brand to catch your eye with it’s inviting displays, atracting you in, however, how can online casinos go about it?

Well for casinos, online slots provide the perfect platform to join in with the festive spirit and create new games that are on the cusp of the zeitgeist. Gamers, gamblers and ghouls can expect to see the traditional bells and cherries of slot games to be replaced by axes, chainsaws and blood splattered masks. Horror themed slots may not be everyones cup of tea but you can always indulge in your usual favourite online slots, safe in the knowledge that a winning formulae is always going to remain popular and will always be available.

If you have any ideas for what you think would make a good Halloween themed slot let us know. Frankenstein’s free slot any one? Blood clot slot? or Vampire Vanquish, where you match up vampire teeth, chained maidens, coffins and crucifixes. The possibilities are endless! Send us your ideas for a Halloween slot and we’ll award the best entries with a beastly bonus for your efforts. Life’s a scream so enjoy it while it lasts. MWAHAHAHAHA!