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Monday, 15 August 2011 19:47

Confessions of an Online Bingo Addict: the No Deposit Chapter

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I was once a no deposit bingo junkie.

Oh yes. And I own to searching for new sites every day; I had no loyalty, no faith, I was basically the Madame de Pompadour of the online bingo world. Friends called me the Fortune Floozy, which may have been rather indelicately put but was kinder than a few of the alternatives (Bingo Broad and Hall Harlot being some of the more imaginative).


Why, curious readers might well ask, did you do this, you crazy BGNP blogger? Why not just pick a free bingo no deposit site and stick to it?


Well, I’m female. You know we’re a fickle lot. It’s not that I didn’t have fun, it’s just that once I’d found a no deposit bingo site and played it for a while, once the gloss and the shine began to grow tired and dull, once the love began to die, I began to wonder if there wasn’t maybe something else better out there.


I was lucky in that the online bingo world full of prolific procreation; new sites pop up every day, different formats, new colours, themes, callers. One even had a radio station attached to it. I was fascinated by the variety out there, entranced by the options available, enthralled by their willingness to amuse and entertain me.


But eventually, as we know the story goes, it began to feel empty. The restlessness inside was not satiated by jumping from site to site; never truly connecting with anyone, I felt adrift and lost in a sea of numbers.


Oh, stop crying. It has a happy ending, honestly. Why it took me so long to discover the online bingo community I have no idea, but once I did I was cured of my lonely digital wandering and brought into the fold. And now these days I limit my online liaisons to two or three sites – the best ones, of course. I’m cured.


And yet, the Fortune Floozy thing lives on...