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Friday, 28 October 2011 08:00

Casino Online Wagering Requirements

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I was amazed to discover that a friend of my girlfriend’s won £3.2m on the Euro Millions lottery the other day! 

He only bought one ticket for £2 and the next thing he knows he’s a millionaire. I don’t know how he plans to spend the money but If I were him I would buy a casino online. The reason I would buy one online as opposed to building one, is I genuinely believe it to be a more enjoyable, and a lot easier to run. The audience online is much wider and you are not restricted by the costs of overheads. On top of that I could play online casino games all day and be my own boss!

However my casino would be totally transparent. There would be no wagering requirements and players could withdraw their money whenever they liked. This is one of my major personal gripes when I play online casino games. The fact is, if I win, I should be able to claim my money immediately, I shouldn’t have to play through the bonus amount I received x amount of times to be able to withdraw it. Like the guy above who won the lottery, if you win, you want your money there and then. The casino online should make an effort to allow players easy access to their money, after all there is nothing more frustrating than winning a fortune only to realize you can’t touch it till you’ve spent a certain amount.

That’s why you should always look first for a no deposit casino. That way you can familiarize yourself with the way the casino operates so they can’t take you for a ride. By not putting any of your own money down you won’t lose anything but in the same vein, you won’t win.