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Tuesday, 23 August 2011 11:41

Casino news: Daniel Trolaro

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The big casino news at the moment is Daniel J. Trolaro (*no relation to our own DJ, who is a fine upstanding citizen*), a New Jersey insurance agent who defrauded nine clients out of more than $1.9m and deposited them at several online casinos in an effort to make more money than he would on the stock market, in real estate and commodities trading.

Apparently, it was partially because of a desire to play online casino games and a solid belief that gaming was less risky than his other options.

He might have got away with it, too – he made a decent amount at some of the online casinos playing blackjack – but then the poor fool got the notion into his oversized head to try no-limit poker and lost the lot over the course of a year and a half.


It is with no small degree of relief that I read that Trolaro has pleaded guilty instead of trying the new trend of blaming the casino for his irresponsible behaviour. When did we become a society that refuses to take responsibility for our actions? When did the playground “maybe I did, but you did it first” become sanctioned in the court of law as countersuing? In 2009, Terrence Watanabe became a tourist attraction by gambling so badly he lost an astounding £77m and yet he turned around and countersued the casinos for allowing him to drink and gamble.


It’s kind of like the way McDonald’s gets sued for making people fat. I’m sorry, are you involved in the transportation of food to your own mouth?


Back to Trolaro; he’s been sentenced to six years in prison. And while I do feel for anyone who has to serve prison time – as does anyone who’s seen The Shawshank Redemption or The Prophet – I can’t help but feel sorry for his victims, who regardless of the fact that they were compensated by Trolaro’s company, will probably never be able to see a casino without thinking of their ordeal.