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Thursday, 09 May 2013 09:10

Can we ever replace Sir Alex at ManU

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As we all try to get over the shock of the news that Sir Alex Ferguson will be retiring at the end of this season as manager of Manchester United.

The question on everyone’s mind is who is to step into his shoes and keep up the tempo without missing a beat. The honest answer is probably no one, even though betting on his replacement has pretty much ended, as we all wait for the announcement that David Moyes has agreed to leave Everton and take up the poison chalice as manager of the most successful club in England!

The more realistic question is whether Moyes will be able to handle the pressure that comes from being involved with a global phenomena like Manchester United. We all know that he has done a great job at Everton and has the same work ethic etc as Ferguson, but it will be a hard jump for David. He has been at Everton since 2002, and after 11 odd years at one place, it is always hard to find your footing straight away in a new environment.

Of course, Sir Alex will be joining the Board of Manchester United plc, so he will not be far away if the new manager needs any advice, but expectations will be extremely high and we will only know in time whether David is indeed the right man for the job. Alex was lucky when he started 27 years ago, as when the fans were calling for his blood, the club won the FA Cup and that gave him the space to realise everything that has come to past. In these times, the pressure in infinitely more, even if the board is willing to stand by him, fans and stock prices will only give David a short time to come good.