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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 08:18

Boredom Is A Good Thing

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The national obsession with online slots starts with that beautiful word: boredom.

Why do we love scandal?

For all that we have the best stiff upper lip in the world, we’re a bored people. We’re bored as a nation, as a continent, as a species. Why do you suppose we left the cave, sailed forth to lands unknown, went to the moon? Invented pens, post-it notes, iPads?

We were bored. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but boredom is definitely the father.

Boredom is a good thing. It prompts us to continually seek entertainment and distraction; it pushes us to ask for more, it drives us to request bigger and better. All the anti-capitalists in the room will stamp their feet and shout about society going to hell in a handbasket, but really, wanting more and demanding a higher standard isn’t an intrinsically bad thing. When people were telling Bell and Meucci to be satisfied with the Morse telegraph, they took it further and invented the telephone.

So too was gambling borne from man’s quest to amuse himself and push others to strive for more. The British are very fond of their gambling, with some 73% having participated in the National Lottery, scratchcard, casino and slot games. Betting also plays a significant role in the average Briton’s life, taking 52% market share of gross gambling yield.

But slot games, more than any other, are what captivate the nation. And little wonder; these loud, colourful machines shrieking fun and frivolity have overcome every conservative sense of taste and decorum that might otherwise have separated us from these boredom-busting gems.

Now that we’ve taken gambling online, online slots have shot to the top of every online casino’s priority list; hugely popular, players seek better graphics, faster loading times, intricate bonus games and a wider variety of themes. Slots have been used for a variety of non-gambling thing including restaurant apps that encourage you to go wild and take a chance with an unknown cafe that might just be your next favourite.

And for those who refute the I-play-because-I’m-bored argument and start to talk about the financial element, I only need to point you in the direction of free slot games, which millions of people play for no reason at all other than to watch the wheels spin and secretly about what they would do if any of that money was real.

Boredom is good. It drives us to be better, to discover, to amuse – and slot games are a celebration of that boredom. I’m off to relieve mine with Cleopatra slots.