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Friday, 28 October 2011 08:18

Bingo in the Cold

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Playing bingo online is an all-weather activity.

By golly, it’s getting cold.

The British, adaptable as we are, have arranged their whole lives around the splendid weather we enjoy all year round. Pub culture, a strong arts industry with excellent performances every night of the week, great gallery exhibitions, the neverending cup of tea – it’s because it’s just too cold to go out.

The internet has helped those of us who weren’t very outdoorsy in the first place simply renounce it altogether; playing bingo online, of course, fits nicely into this agoraphobic lifestyle. There’s no need to stir yourself from underneath the comfort and warmth of the blankets on the couch next to the heater, there is no need, in fact, to get out of bed. You can play games and chat to your bingo buddies without risking a fall on black ice or a re-enactment of the Little Matchstick Girl.

Thanks to excellent bingo bonus offers, it’s an extremely wise time to get in on the action, make new friends and play some free online bingo. Take advantage of the free money, free games and deposit matches to join what has to be the best all-weather activity since not only is it fun, social and convenient, you can actually win money!

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