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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 07:31

Bingo Halls Brace Themselves for the Warm Weather

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It seems Summer has finally decided to show up, and bingo halls could soon get busy.

It's been a tough year so far for bingo halls across the UK, with bad weather prohibiting people from frequenting the halls. One of the most profitable bingo operators, the Rank Group, saw a 7 per cent drop in footfall correlating with bad weather in the 18 weeks leading up to May 5.

The chairman and chief executive of the group, Ian Burke, said 'Unsurprisingly, our venues were affected by the persistent freezing weather conditions during the third quarter. Against that backdrop, we feel our businesses have performed reasonably well.'

As the weather continues to improve and people are able to go out without bracing themselves for rain and snow, bingo halls are optimistic about increasing numbers of players. With warm weather just around the corner, plenty of punters are looking forward to getting back into the halls and chatting with their friends as they play.

So does it follow that online bingo sites are fearing a downturn in traffic? Summer has traditionally been a quiet period for online bingo companies as people get out to enjoy the weather instead of staying indoors. Strangely enough, several bingo sites actually become busier during the summer months but they find their players utilise the site differently.

Instead of long sessions spent playing bingo at night, chatting away, summer becomes a breezy time with plenty of people logging in for a quick game before heading out for the evening. Bingo operators often notice that players log in briefly and frequently, and try playing with larger sums of money. It's also an experimental time, with players trying games they've never tried before. Slots are extremely popular.

It's looking to be a great summer with plenty of promotions on offer from the most popular bingo sites, so make sure you check out our bingo reviews to find our recommended sites!