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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 07:38

Bingo Games at Eurovision 2013

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Bring out the hairspray, glitter and jazz hands – it's that time of year again!

Whether you're European or – well, not – odds are you'll have heard of the Eurovision Song Contest, that fabulous annual competition that was arguably the granddaddy of reality shows like the X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. Classified as a 'light entertainment' programme, Eurovision gives us all an opportunity to escape from our humdrum existences and enter the world of glamour and fake tears and best of all, now we can combine our guilty pleasure TV viewing with some fantastic bingo games.

There's no use in asking whether it's ever truly possible to prepare yourself for the wonder that is Eurovision, but tonight, thousands of viewers can tune in to whatever channel is broadcasting it in your region (it's BBC here) and get settled in front of the television to watch hand-picked acts cast themselves in a dramatic fashion on the pyre of public entertainment.

Each Eurovision is unique, and yet strangely similar – which is what makes it perfect for bingo. You can download cards or make up your own, but you know exactly what will go on it... things like:

- A performer thanking God and their family for being so supportive

- A member of ABBA making an appearance

- A smoke machine being used

- A glitter ball being used

- The phrase 'Best Eurovision ever' is used

- A stunning and slightly dangerous display of pyrotechnics that are otherwise completely unnecessary

We all secretly love this somewhat garish display of talent, so gather your friends and get into the spirit of things! Happy Eurovision 2013!