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Thursday, 13 October 2011 07:43

Beano Or Did I Mean Bingo

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Bingo! Is an expression we all love to hear and more often than not, people say it when it has nothing to do with the game tself.

How it became an expression of delight, is easy to understand, it all began many years ago before the time of online bingo when people first started playing the lottery in Italy. The game was incredibly successful and travelled round Europe from Italy to France and Germany. Eventually in the early Twentieth Century it reached North America, where is was lovingly known as “Beano”.

Legend has it, that at a carnival in Atlanta, Georgia, a toy salesman from New York named, Edwin S. Lowe introduced the game “beano” to the spectators. However, one man in the crowd shouted out bingo instead of “beano” when he had won . Lowe realised that this mistaken name sounded much better than his title and re christened the game as bingo.

In the present day, online bingo is one of the most popular games in the world and millions of people play it since it became popular in the States, where people originally played it in churches. Millions of pounds are spent every day on the classic numbers game, with plenty of people winning fortunes left, right and centre. With the offer ofno deposit bingo, now people can even play for free, just like they used to back in the good ‘ol days!