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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 08:03

Australians Play Online Casino Games For the Convenience

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A new study has revealed some surprising statistics about the Australian gambling community.

The Australian Gambling Survey, conducted by the University of Sydney and Southern Cross University, has revealed that 92% of Australians who play online casino games are male. This is in marked contrast to land-based gambling, where only 67% of gamblers are male. For advertisers, this is valuable information as the male market is notoriously difficult to reach.

Online gambling is most popular for middle aged and mature age groups, with the demographics of the respondents indicating that 34.8% were 35-49 and 34.4% were 50-64. The majority of respondents are full-time employees (65%) and 16% earn over $150,000.

The study also found that gamblers choose to play online because of the convenience of being able to access games without leaving their homes. 62% stated that they enjoy the convenience of not having to leave their homes, whilst 54% stated that the 24-hour availability was a big draw for them. They also enjoy the privacy of online gaming, with 35% not wanting to deal with crowds and 33% stating that privacy and anonymity was a key point. As gambling is legal in Australia, only 2% stated that they gambled online due to it being unavailable or illegal in land-based arenas.

This study provides an interesting snapshot into who is gambling online in Australia and the reasons they choose to do so. It is likely to be used by casinos wanting to target the market.