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Thursday, 22 March 2012 08:00

Are Online Slots The Most Lucrative Games To Play

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People often ask me what are the most lucrative casino games to play....

It’s always a hard question to answer as it really depends on how you play and what you’re best at. However when it comes down to it statistically online slots pay out the highest sums to players all over the world, in particular Progressives.

The thing about slots is that they are based almost entirely on luck, so in a sense you don’t have to take personal responsibility for winning or losing as you would in a game of poker, where you kick yourself if you lose concentration and play a hand badly. Slots will give everyone the same chance, regardless of skill or experience and this is why you can earn huge sums of money off them.

My advice to players would be to any one looking to cash in on a jackpot, to always take advantage of the casino bonus on offer, as when you play slot games, they always contribute to the maximum wagering requirements of a bonus and they usually give you the largest amount of loyalty points for the minimum amount of money spent.

There are hundreds of slot games available but if you’re uncertain where to start head to our slots section where you can find reviews of the largest and most reputable slots sites, where you can find the greatest selection of games to choose from. Bear in mind that you’ll probably get better bonuses from an online casino, which will also offer hundreds of slot games, so check out both our categories and see if you find a site which tickles your fancy.