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Monday, 08 July 2013 19:03

Andy Murray wins Wimbledon and maybe and knighthood

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Andy Murray made history on Sunday by being the first British player since 1936 to win the Wimbledon title.

Andy had to go through some of the most gruelling encounters to get to the finals against the world number one Novak Djokovic, and it is safe to say that both players were stretched to the limit both physically and mentally. Novak has always had the reputation of being mentally tough and able to comeback from the most dire of situations, but in this instance Murray showed his worth with a straight set victory 6-4 7-5 6-4. A great to remember for all sports betting fans placing their money on the British number one doing the business!

Not only was history made with Andy winning the title since Fred Perry did it 77 years ago, special mention must also be made with regards to the home support for their player. Both in center court and outside, especially on Henman Hill, was inspiring and the definitely helped Andy Murray retain his resolve and composure throughout the tournament and final. The player has definitely come of age and looks like the real deal, and his coach Ivan Lendl is certainly a major factor in this massive improvement in Andy’s mental and physical make-up.

Andy has already started enjoying the trappings of being one of the hottest properties in the UK and indeed the world. The player had a meeting with the Prime Minister, David Cameron and the UK leader has already joined the calls for the Scotsman to get a knighthood. My personal opinion is that a whilst Andy has accomplished a massive feat in the eyes of the British public, it is only his second Grand Slam and relatively early in his career. There are several players who have achieved more and much earlier, so in that sense Murray is not extraordinarily gifted player compared to his professional peers.

For me a knighthood is only deserved after one has dedicated years to a cause, and has achieved goals and/or accolades for his work. Andy may very well be one of the many that wil most likely be awarded a knighthood some time in the future, but the powers that be should not be too keen to fast forward the process. My fear is that if we go down this slippery path, we will only help to cheapen the value of a knighthood and ultimately we harm the same people we want to honour and revere.