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Monday, 17 October 2011 08:12

A Hairy Conundrum

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Since playing online bingo, I’m finding that the terms ‘available’ and ‘cheap’ mean different things to me.


Over the weekend I tried – in vain – to get a haircut. I’ve been walking around like some sort of mountain woman for weeks now, too busy to run in for a chop, too disorganised to book, and too tired after work to be anything but terrible company for the hairdresser (unless she wants to talk about where to find the best online bingo sites). I went from salon to salon like some sort of before shot from a Clairol ad, turned away as smugly better-organised women traipsed through their doors, confident in the knowledge their tresses would be trimmed to perfection.

There was only one hairdresser willing to take me without an appointment – for a casual £149. What, was she going to be cutting each strand individually with a pair of gold scissors?!

It really got me thinking about price and availability. Maybe it’s just me, but since playing online bingo I’m finding I have a different perspective on these concepts. Formerly I was the pinnacle of patience, a paragon of perseverance and poise. These days (post-OB) I’m prone to fits and tantrums. What is this nonsense about the tube taking two minutes to arrive? The best online bingo sites have games every thirty seconds! What do you mean I need an appointment? I can just wander in to any bingo room and start playing with no notification! What is this £10 cinema ticket craziness you speak of? I can buy bingo cards for 10p!

Fundamentally, my expectations are just not what they were. I’ve blogged before about expectations of speed changing since playing the online version of bingo – and I’m adding availability and price to the list.

If you play online bingo, I’d love to hear from you. Has the game changed anything for you?