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Friday, 16 September 2011 11:23

A Free Casino! Don't Make Me Laugh

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Have you ever been to a free casino? No, me neither. When I first heard of the idea I scoffed and thought the idea as ridiculous as discovering that Jordan's boobs were real.

Could you imagine it: “Welcome Sir, feel free to gamble absolutely nothing on red or back on our diamond studded roulette table. Here Sir, have a complimentary bag of chocolate coins to gamble on our outrageously complicated slot machines. Ah Sir, you've won! Congratulations, why not spend your winnings on another of our casino games, a hand of Blackjack, or perhaps you'd prefer a game of Baccarat.”


And before you know it, the dream dissolves into a haze of strange memories, where's my chocolate money? Where's my cane? My bowler hat? My butler? Ah, fond dream if only a free casino could exist....


Well friends, this is no dream, it does. Perhaps not in such a sumptuous manifestation as my dream but online casinos offer players the chances of playing totally free. How can they possible justify allowing people to play for free, I hear you ask? Well online casinos are highly evolved creatures who want to encourage as many players to their site as possible, hence huge bonuses, offers of free money, 100% raises on deposits and totally free gaming. The incentives they proffer are designed to attract our attention and get us to deposit our money. It's up to you how far you take it and it's down to a combination of luck and skill, how much you win, but one thing is for sure, the ultimate paradox does exist, a casino which is absolutely free!