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Friday, 01 June 2012 08:00

3D Online Bingo Games The Way of the Future

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How do you feel about 3D bingo?

With everyone jumping on the technological bandwagon, it's easy to find movies being made and re-made in 3D (Titanic, anyone?) to delight audiences across the world. Now it seems that online bingo games could be the latest to receive the 3D treatment, with a few sites announcing their intention to adopt 3D technology.

It's certainly not new to the gaming world. Several sites have adopted the technology, which lends depth perception to an otherwise flat 2D screen and provides a realistic experience. Notably, PKR introduced 3D poker, allowing players to customise 3D avatars and providing poker rooms complete with superlative video game-style animation.

The bingo world appears to be a long way off adopting such graphics, contenting itself with 3D animated characters instead. These characters have personalities and full profiles, with some companies even extending them by creating Facebook profiles to make them seem even more alive.

I think it would be great to see more effort around 3D imaging in the bingo sphere, but it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the game if there isn't that level of graphics involved. I'd prefer a decent bonus, a lively community and a good range of games. If a site had all those things as well as the 3D technology I'd certainly be more inclined to give them a go. What do you think?