Betting Reviews

SkybetSkybet - Superb £10 Free No Deposit Bonus!

- Register with Skybet and receive a £10 free bet, no deposit required!




Bet365Bet365 - £200 with a 100% deposit bonus!

- Open an account and receive up to £200 with a 100% deposit bonus!       



paddypowerPaddyPower - Up to £50 free bet!

The Irish bookmakers offers a no-nonsense sign up bonus, matching your first bet up to £50!



LadbrokesLadbrokes - free bets up to £50!


- New players have the great chance of having Ladbrokes match your first stake up to £50!




Betfred Betfred - The Bonus King is offering a £50 free bet!


- Fred Done will match your first bets up to £50 when you open an account with them!



From the novice to the seasoned professional – everyone loves free bets. It is human nature to search for the best deal around, and getting something for free is always a good start! Bookmakers have always used the concept of offering free betting opportunities to attract new players and encourage existing players to try a new type of bet or sporting event.

Free bets are fantastic, but the problem is searching for these free offers and understanding the requirements, if any, to acquire and utilise them. At Big Gains No Pains, we are constantly on the lookout for precisely these types of free offers that we know all members love. This section is dedicated to listing all free betting offers, together with any restrictions or requirements.

Players who bet online will be quite familiar with offers of free cash and free bonuses, and bookmakers have been quite happy to promote this in order to increase their player base. However, with the growth of the internet, mobile and increased shrewdness of players nowadays, bookmakers have had to become much more inventive and thoughtful when offering free promotions.

Any free offers from sports betting operators can now be quite difficult to understand, with the terms and conditions section not necessarily helping the player to grasp what is required. This is one why we take great care in providing details about the offer; whether it is only for new players signing up, or first time deposits, or for existing players, and whether the offer is tied to a specific game or only valid for a certain period of time. In addition, taking up the offer may have an impact on withdrawal criteria and a player’s own cash maybe tied up whilst he or she meets the requirements for the free offer.

Online betting bookmakers often offer free cash but there are usually restrictions that can impact your decision to register or accept the free bet offer. Therefore it is quite critical that players understand what one can or cannot do with the free bonus cash, especially if you only signed up for the free cash to bet on something quite specific!

We welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us with your opinions. If for any reason you have issues with a betting site, please feel free to share your experience with us so that we are aware of the problem. If you aren’t getting a response through the traditional customer support channels, we can try to liaise with the bookmaker on your behalf.

So if free bets, bonuses and offers are what you are after sign up to Big Gains No Pains and bookmark the site. You won’t regret receiving our newsletter which provides not only information on free offers and advice, but exclusive bets and promotions only available to our members!