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Big Gains No Pains prides itself on providing the best, most professional, unbiased reviews for every sports betting site out there on the Internet. We make sure that not only the most popular sites are reviewed and published, but also less established sites that are trying to give their players the best service they can, and even the ones who are struggling to find their way in the industry. Our belief is that we must always strive to review every sports site, in order to give all our members as much information as possible so that everyone can make an informed decision when thinking about signing up to a site.

We all know how difficult it is to decide on which online betting site is the one most suited to us. Every person has their favourite sports and their own personal way of betting and making decisions. Every site will also have their own strengths, be it the range of markets covered, the odds given, the information provided or the functionality of the site. By reviewing sites on a regular basis, Big Gains No Pains can provide information about the individual strengths of a site and punters can use this to determine if the site is suited to them.

Here you’ll find a site that caters to your betting needs, from a new customer only interested in having a bet on their favourite team in a Cup final or just having a one off bet on the Grand National; to the professional punter who makes a living out of having a bet online. Big Gains No Pains is all about making your choice of using an online bookmaker simple, by listing all the pros and cons in simple terms so that all players can quickly decide on which site is best for them.

Our assessment of any site starts from a player arriving on the home page and covers all aspects of the gaming experience, including the sign up process, what welcome bonuses and free bets are being offered, ongoing promotions as a player stays with the site, deposit/withdrawal methods, customer service, VIP benefits, loyalty programmes and licenses and gaming partners.

We value player feedback and our staff is dedicated to ensuring that your opinion is heard. Whether you leave a comment on our blog or connect with us via Facebook, Twitter or Google+, your feedback about the sites means that nothing is missed. Bookmakers managing the betting sites are always in contact with us to ensure that our members’ opinions are noted and any issues are promptly resolved in an effort to make betting the most pleasurable and exciting experience for their players and our members.

So become a member of Big Gains No Pains, bookmark the site and make sure that whenever there are decisions to be made about using online bookmakers, you come to us first. We strive to be the best site for honest, unbiased reviews and exclusive offers!